Quarterback Signing - Henry Ogala

by Marshals Media Team

The Rapid City Marshals have announced their second quarterback signing for the 2024 season training camp. This announcement comes only two days after their first 2024 season player signing, Nik Rango, who was also signed as a quarterback.

Marshals co-owner, Wes Johnson said the organization will announce one more quarterback this week ahead of the rest of the team's 2024 season training camp roster. "We've been missing that strong quarterback position in the Marshals organization, but the community can look forward to having that fixed as we move into our first season of Arena Football from Indoor Football in Rapid City. Our new coaching staff has the knowledge and connections we need to turn the organization around and it's starting with these guys we've signed as quarterbacks," Johnson said.

Henry Ogala

Measurables: Western Illinois University, 6-3, 220 lbs.

Stats: 50% completion, 384 yards, 4 touchdowns.

Ogala is going to be a new face in professional football. He played his last season of college ball back in 2022, and this will be his first season of football since then. Here is an interesting fact about him - he holds dual citizenship in the U.S. and Nigeria.

Henry started 17 games in college, including starting as a freshman in Lincoln University (MO). After his season at Lincoln University he transferred to Western Illinois University and stayed for three seasons. He was invited to the XFL Combine last summer and was the only quarterback invited from the St. Louis XFL Showcase.

Ogala told the Marshals Media Team he also attended Pro Days at Northwestern University and Northern Illinois University. He has also been Academic All-Conference multiple times in his career, and team captain as well.