Marshals "Street Team" Registration Now Open

by Marshals Media Team

Marshals ownership Wes Johnson and Rebecca Chapman announce the open registration of new Marshals Street Team Program. The Marshals Street Team will be a group of super fans that have interest in helping to promote the Marshals Football Organization.

"I used to be a part of the Linkin Park Street Team when the band was still early in their career" Johnson said, "It was the funnest experience as a 'super fan' of Linkin Park to help promote them to my friends and community. I wanted to create something exciting for Marshals fans to be able to create buzz and be able to earn exclusive merch and prizes while doing so too."

Super Fans of the Marshals Pro Football team can read about the program and if they want to participate can register on the teams website under the tab Street Team or by clicking here.

Motivated fans and community influencers will receive a unique promo code to offer discounts on season tickets. The more season tickets that are sold under their promo code the more prizes and perks Street Team Members will earn. Johnson said that there will be improvements to the program as it forms, and there will even be opportunity for Street Team Members to earn cash commission on some partnership sales of select items. He told the Marshals Media Team that those requirements and the registration forms are still being implemented at this time.