Marshals Co-Owner Recovering After Health Scare

by Marshals Media Team

Marshals Co-Owner Provides update on Health Scare

Some of our fans and corporate partners have noticed a missing face within the Marshals front office team for the last few months. Co-Owner Rebecca wanted to provide an update to let the community know what has been going on. In October Rebecca temporarily lost vision in her right eye and a week later while working in Rapid City she developed a debilitating headache. After getting back to Gillette later that day and the headache persisting, she visited the Emergency Room at Campbell County Health in Gillette. After two ER visits and a CT scan she was referred to a neurologist.

RECEIVING a diagnosis and treatment

Between October and December her head pain became unbearable, and she was unable to work or do many simple tasks. After several doctor visits and five MRI's it was determined that she had been suffering from multiple CSF (Cerebral Spinal Fluid) leaks.

Three days before Christmas she received a treatment called a blood patch. This treatment provided some relief and she felt she was on the mend. Several weeks later her vision started to become impaired again and she started having the persistent headaches again as well. Her doctors informed her that it is not unusual for the patient to need another treatment, and in early February she received a second blood patch.


Her recovery has been long and slow. She is on doctors orders to only perform light and easy tasks. We were fortunate to have her participate as a judge for the Miss Rapid City Pageant, and last weekend she was able to attend the Road 2 Destruction Monster Truck event with co-owner Wes and Bullock the mascot to promote the upcoming season and visit with fans. However, even participating in these two events has been taxing.

With these limitations it has been difficult for her, her family and co-owner Wes as her absence has left a hole in the front office of the Marshals. It's important that she rests and recovers thoroughly because if this second blood patch does not hold she will have to see a specialist. Even through these limitations she is doing everything possible to assist as the Marshals prepare for their third season in Rapid City.

Rebecca wanted to provide an update and ask for as many positive thoughts and prayers as possible. She's optimistic and excited for this season. She hopes to see a packed house in the Summit Arena this year. All of the changes the organization is making this year is going to provide incredible entertainment and a winning season.

Marshals Co-Owner, Rebecca Chapman