League Troubles & Stability of the Marshals

by Marshals Media Team

The Rapid City Marshals today addressed recent concerns regarding league-wide challenges and affirmed their commitment to stability and excellence within the organization.

Amidst ongoing discussions concerning the stability and future of the Arena Football League (AFL), the Rapid City Marshals acknowledge the complexities that have emerged, including ceasing of operations of fellow AFL team the Iowa Rampage along with the inability for the league (AFL) to meet their financial obligations promised to the Rapid City Marshals. However, the Marshals remain resolute in their dedication to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, with the hopes of the continuation of football operations.

"A number of challenges and discussions within the league have come to light in recent days, which we are working through as an organization and have put us in an uncomfortable position. However, we are fully committed to maintaining the stability of our team, and providing our fans with an exceptional experience both on and off the field," Wes Johnson, Co-Owner & President of the Rapid City Marshals. "Our priority has always been to ensure the stability of our organization and showcase the talent and dedication of our players and staff."

Owners Wes Johnson and Rebecca Chapman, in their second year of team ownership, have consistently demonstrated their commitment to the community, and dedication to establish arena football in Rapid City, with a growing fan base that continues to support them through thick and thin.

"We want to assure our fans, sponsors, and partners that we are fully focused on maintaining the stability and success of our organization, regardless of league affiliation or the problems within it," added Rebecca Chapman, Co-Owner & Vice President of the Rapid City Marshals. "We have a talented team of players, coaches, and staff who are dedicated to representing Rapid City with pride and passion."

As the league and its’ team navigate through these challenges, including discussions about the AFL's future, the Rapid City Marshals remain optimistic about their future and are committed to overcoming any obstacles that may arise. The team most recently announced a bye for May 5th and expect to see some schedule shuffling in coming weeks. Including the change of Sunday May 12th game moving back to Saturday Night at its’ originally schedule time (6:30pm) on May 11th.