Former IFL Quarterback Jack Sheehan Signs With The Marshals

by Lacedric Green, Shady Sports

Keep on keeping on

If “keep on keeping on” was a person it would most certainly have to be Rapid City Marshals QB signee Jack Sheehan. 

When Jack isn’t lighting up defenses he’s the offensive coordinator for his youth 7 on 7 football team. Jack took time away from coaching his team during the second game of their current tournament to chat with me about joining the Rapid City Marshals QB room and playing in the high flying AFL. 

Who is Jack Sheehan?

Jack was born in St Petersburg, FL. He started his football career playing left tackle and tight end. Then, started playing quarterback when he got to middle school - a transition he said happened naturally over time. 

“My inspiration behind that was that I like the responsibility that comes with it. I think that you have to be mentally strong, you gotta put in the work and that’s something I was attracted to and something I try to work on and develop" Sheehan said. 

Being mentally strong I would say is definitely an attribute for Jack who spoke like a veteran as he talked about how he 'tries to not get too high or low and stay mellow'. 

“Playing quarterback is like playing point guard and it’s about just dishing it out to guys”.  Jack definitely doesn’t shy away from dishing out the rock. 

On Field Experience

Not only does he speak like a veteran, but he also brings a load of experience. After taking over in week four of the 2022-2023 season Jack threw for 1,841 yards, 38 touchdowns with 174 completions out of 305 attempts over 13 games with only 6-interceptions. He also added eight touchdowns and 294 yards on the ground for the IFL Greenbay Blizzard where he had to fight his way up the depth chart only to capitalize when given his moment. 

Jack started his high school career at St Petersburg Catholic where he played QB, SS and LB. He played three seasons and finished with a 56.6% completion, over 2,100 yards, 17-tds to 18-ints. 

Jack played his senior prep season at Calvary Christian where he played QB and OLB. Jack posted a 57.1% completion and almost 1,400 yards, 11-tds to 8-ints. 

Jack then went to play at Mount Ida College where he would end up tearing his ACL at the end of his freshman season. He had a 48.6% completion, 2,571 yards, 19-tds to 4-ints. 

While he enjoyed his time at Mount Ida, Jack wanted a shot at a bigger stage so he transferred to Stetson University where with that decision he had to sit out his first season and just never really caught traction playing in only three games.

Robert Morris Saga

After graduating in 2019 Jack earned a scholarship to play at Robert Morris University in Chicago where he had a 55.7% completion rate for 987 yards, 9-tds and 2-interceptions through six games. With financial difficulties causing the school to cease operations. 

On top of an MBA from Roosevelt University which acquired Robert Morris he was also the Lakers first starting quarterback. He completed 53.2% of his passes for 1,597 yards, 15-tds and 7-interceptions the 2021-2022 season. 

Joining the Marshals 

Jack said he is excited about the overall philosophy that coach King brings.

He shared about a memorable moment, an overtime game with the Green Bay Blizzard against the Massachusetts Pirates where he threw a 36 yard Hail Mary to take the game into overtime. Jack remembers it as a triple overtime, but I’m sure it was just that the fourth quarter was such a nail biter. 

“It’s a little bit harder just because it is faster, but I think the reads become more simple and. I think as a quarterback it does create an advantage because it makes you start to think really fast pre-snap as well.” 

Jack states that he believes having a short term memory is a key leadership skill to have as well as remaining even keeled.  “Just being able to approach each drive with a fresh mind, I think is a super important skill to have as a quarterback,” he said.

Goals and Recommendations

Jack consistently reads his bible to keep himself grounded and he recommends it as a good read to build that mental strength up. 

His goal for the season is to win a championship and intends to “stack good days on top of each other, stack one good practice that leads to a good week”, he said.

Jack comes in as one of three quarterbacks competing in the Rapid City Marshals Quarterback Room and is no stranger to a competition. Jack will show up to camp ready to work on his goals for the upcoming season. 

You can watch my interview with Jack Sheehan and the whole quarterback room on the Marshals YouTube Channel under Marshals Law.