Is It Possible To Count On Those Speedy Oil Change Places in Hamilton?

Many people either don’t have the time or the know how to change their own oil so they find themselves going to those fast oil change places in Hamilton, Ohio. Still is it possible to really trust these places to change your oil? On this page I am going to explain to you the reason why you should avoid these shops at all costs and find yourself a regular mechanic in Hamilton, Ohio who is honest to do the work for you, like Riggan Automotive.

Every single car or truck features a basic maintenance plan and guidelines on what things should be done after so many miles. You could have appointed upkeep for things like air filter change or an oil change. Still have you really checked out the owner’s manual for your car? I understand for certain that your engine oil does not even need to be changed every 3000 miles such as these quick oil change places will tell you. In the event you studied your manual, you are going to know that your oil should be changed every 6000 to 7000 miles. Therefore in essence, a lot of these quick oil change places are generally lying to you. See more at

The owner’s manual likewise shows scheduled maintenance for your air filter as well. In my circumstance, it is recommended that I change my car’s air filter every two years or when it’s all clogged up. The truth is, I hadn’t changed the filtration system in four years because it still looked pretty good, even so I changed it anyway. However, these quick oil change places in Hamilton would invariably tell me that I must have the air filter changed. As a matter of fact, after I had barely changed my air filter, I took my car to some quick oil change place and they told me that I needed a new air filter. The air filter was slightly stained so they insisted it was setting out to clog. Interestingly, I told them that I changed the filter only six months ago and their response was that I would need to change it in another six months.

oil change Hamilton OhioWhat bothered me was that they initially explained to me that the filter needed to be changed. Then their story changed when I said that it wasn’t that old. This just demonstrates how shady and evil that they are at many oil change places in Hamilton, Ohio.

A different time, one of these shops swapped out my transmission fluid. Just about every time you visit these places, they will let you know that your transmission fluid will also need to be changed. This one occasion I authorized these people to do it. Then, when I went back in order to get my oil changed several months later, they told me I seriously needed to have my transmission fluid changed. That has been the last time I ever visited any of those places.

Since that time, I have found a reputable Hamilton area mechanic who is honest that can work on my car. One thing you should consider is that the staff of the oil change places don’t have to go to school to tell you what you need to have done to your car. For this reason you are better off locating a certified mechanic in Hamilton, Ohio.

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